Forgotten tidbit – the Unforgiven

March 2, 2010 at 11:23 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, though I have lots of new designs and no scanner, when looking through what I had, I did find one that somehow got overlooked while I was posting a while ago.

It’s the dress Phèdre wears when she seeks help from the Unforgiven.  It is described by a traveling gown in black velvet with bodice and sleeves that hug the form and flowing skirts for riding astride.

The fabrics are below.  I guess the only thing that needs explaining at all is the jewelery.  Because the sheaf of wheat is one of Montrève’s symbols, I figured Phèdre would occasionally sport one.

As I said, I have more designs.  Done and ready to be scanned are the remainder of Phèdre’s clothing from Kushiel’s chosen (including a naughty see-through dress from Crete and a dress inspired by Hollywood’s ancient Rome).  I also have a few outfits of Jocelin’s done…so stay tuned.



  1. Angela R. Sasser said,

    Always a pleasure to see new (or old) designs here:) This is definitely something more conservative for Phedre, but suiting for the occasion described. I’m very much looking forward to your designs for Joscelin too.

    Perhaps if you have access to a public library, you can scan your work there? They generally allow it for free or low cost. At any rate, good luck and know you have at least one fan still waiting for more:D

    You’ve inspired me to start keeping a sketchbook of my own whilst reading the novels. Rather than fashion, I’m a character illustrator, so I’m using the characters as a way to practice visualization for character concept art. I’m currently making my way through Kushiel’s Chosen right now and scribbling what comes to mind.

  2. Erin said,

    I absolutely love it. I’m glad to see that you are “back”, and I cannot wait to see the future unscanned designs.

  3. Roby said,

    You’re great…finally I can see the characters how I imagined them…perfect….please continue with your work!!

  4. Paula Wagner said,

    I found your blog by chance though I don’t believe in “chance”. It’s so wonderful. I am in the middle of reading the entire series and have two more to go and then the last that just came out.
    Your imagination and sketches are amazing.
    I have gone through your entire blog and am waiting to see some more designs for the other characters.

    I also read about the difficulties you have had and wonder if you are settled in. (As if we are ever settled in.)
    I hope you will be back soon in all your glory. So many characters for you to dress.

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