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This dress is worn by Phèdre while still on Crete.

I had a little fun with this dress and mantle.  The description is reasonably vague, so I took a lot of liberties.  I looked at Greek and Roman draping to figure out how this dress could work.  Under the mantle, it’s actually a one-shouldered number. I especially like the tassel trim on the coat.  It’s described simply as a gown of saffron with a crimson mantle.

The yellow silk is for the dress.  The red is for the coat.  I wanted to add some embroidery so I found a tiny meander embroidery symbol (very Greek) and included it.  The brown velvet acts as a trim with an extra layer of tassel for fun.  I realize now that I found a necklace for her but didn’t draw it.  Oh well!


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This next dress is described in Kushiel’s Chosen as a dress of white linen and a blue mantle.  It’s plain but fine.  The dress is something provided Phèdre when she is marooned on Crete.  I looked to ancient Greek and Roman costumes for this.  As an aside, I copied the hairdo from a wedding magazine!

The white linen is for the dress, as is the grey/taupe binding ribbon.  The blue dupioni is for the mantle.  I have included a couple of accessories (hair band and cloak clasp) that I liked.

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Forgotten tidbit – the Unforgiven

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Well, though I have lots of new designs and no scanner, when looking through what I had, I did find one that somehow got overlooked while I was posting a while ago.

It’s the dress Phèdre wears when she seeks help from the Unforgiven.  It is described by a traveling gown in black velvet with bodice and sleeves that hug the form and flowing skirts for riding astride.

The fabrics are below.  I guess the only thing that needs explaining at all is the jewelery.  Because the sheaf of wheat is one of Montrève’s symbols, I figured Phèdre would occasionally sport one.

As I said, I have more designs.  Done and ready to be scanned are the remainder of Phèdre’s clothing from Kushiel’s chosen (including a naughty see-through dress from Crete and a dress inspired by Hollywood’s ancient Rome).  I also have a few outfits of Jocelin’s done…so stay tuned.

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