La Serenissima

November 23, 2008 at 12:06 am (Uncategorized)

This dress, I must confess, is my very favourite one.  I always figured that if I ever designed my own wedding dress, this would be it (it wouldn’t be the same colour though).  This is also the very first fabric that I found and may actually be responsible for every dress I’ve designed since.  I found the main fabric by chance one day while I was doing something else and thought, “that is how I pictured the fabric from that one dress”.

The dress is described in Kushiel’s Chosen as a gown of apricot silk with gold brocade woven with seed pearls.  Simple, elegant.  Gold mesh caul, dangling pearl earrings.  It is a dress that Phedre wears to see the Doge (Duke) of Serenissima (Venice).


Here are the fabrics and accessories.  The brocade is obviously for the overdress, it would be embroidered with the seed-pearls as well.  The linen is fine and for the underdress.  The gold fabric is the trim as well as the lining for the overdress. The mesh is for Phedre’s hair.  The jewellery is some that I found and really liked.



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  1. DENISE said,

    I always loved the way Carey wrote Favrielle’s character attitude towards Phedre. This blog does a great job of presenting what would just be imagination.
    I too found the written description of the LA Serenissima dress to be one of my favorites, apricot silk, who wouldn’t look great in that!!! Personally, I am awed by your talent and jealous of your ingenuity. I too would love to see a movie from the series but as Carey said it would be cost prohibitive …unless… they did it in c.g. much like Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within was made. If only would could convince ‘them’ to make an animation but for adults…….perhaps then your dissection of attire would really be advantageous. Hummm..if only I could get some monetary backers.

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