Delaunay as Faunus

November 16, 2008 at 4:39 pm (Uncategorized)

Here is Delaunay as Faunus, a greek forest God (Pan).  While I was drawing it, I forgot to add the Mask.  So you will have to use your imagination.  It is described in the book as being made of black velvet and glimmer of bronze.  Waistcoat with bronze brocade and buttons shaped like silver acorns.  He wears a rustic mask (check the materials for an example mask).

as-faunus-outfitI really like the fabrics for this one.  The pants are the black velvet, the shirt the black silk.




  1. kittehonmylap said,

    I’m really enjoying your designs- they’re a bit different from what I imagined but still very appropriate (although I think the Mara dress would come down a little further in the back, to just above the, um, buttcrack- Phedre *is* showing off, after all). I think the blue velvet dress is my favourite so far.

    Have you considered looking around your town for an open drawing session? A lot of universities and local artist collectives run them for nominal fees. I don’t know how you feel about drawing nudes but it would certainly give you more experience looking at different body types. And *everybody* needs practice drawing hands and feet!

    Keep at it- I can’t wait to see Alcuin’s debut outfit and the Sun Prince costume!

  2. favriellenoeglantine said,

    I sort of agree about the back of Phedre’s dress in Mara’s gown. I actually think that I had meant for it to be as low as you suggest, but didn’t perhaps bring that across in the drawing.

    I’m sorry to say that I live in a small enough place that there are not a lot of opportunities for that kind of thing. I could probably convince my boyfriend to let me draw him nude, but he has a mild case of ADD I think so getting him to sit still long enough for some decent practice would be a challenge.

  3. Joey said,

    He he, I want this to wear! I wish I lived in a big city or was in high class society where people do have masques and such. Would be awesome.

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