November 4, 2008 at 9:30 pm (Uncategorized)

This dress is arguably one of the most important things that Phedre wears in any of the Kushiel series.  Before I go into it though, I want to diverge a little and talk about what this dress has to do with the name of my blog.

This dress is the first one designed by Favrielle no Eglantine in Kushiel’s Chosen.  Favrielle is, in my opinion, one of the more interesting characters in the novels.  She’s acerbic and incredibly creative.  Overall, I think she’s great.  From this dress on, she designs most of Phedre’s wardrobe.  I feel like the gowns she designs for Phedre are simple, elegant and bold.  I will do my best to do her justice.

This dress in particular is a dress ordered by and made specifically for Phedre.  It is made for her to wear to the Midwinter Masque, and for her to reveal that she is once again accepting assignations after an absence.  The costume is of Mara, a woman who was supposedly born of Naamah and a convicted murderer as well as being the first anguisette.  It is described in the novel as a crimson gown of silk jersey-cloth that flows like flame.  Her hais is in an elaborate coif of ringlets.  She wears a sheer black veil over eyes secured with black jet hairpins.  Low back.  The dress is close fitting to hips with a high neckline around the throat.  Ribbons are worn around her wrists.  The back is low because, to show one’s marque is to announce that one is accepting offers.  Her it is, both back and front.  Below that are the fabrics and trimmings.




  1. Rachel said,

    I love this dress. It is such an interesting part of the series because it seems as if the author is redefining the character through her costume. I think you have captured the design perfectly here. It is exactly as I imagined it.

    This is such a fun blog! I also love the clothing in the Kushiel series, but I am terrible at drawing. It is very cool too see the costumes come to life on ‘paper’ like this. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Arielle said,

    Very nice work. I love seeing your designs.

  3. Joy said,

    When I first found your site I was disappointed that there was no Mara dess. I am so glad that you put one up. I want to have this dress made for me, it will look wonderful with my marque. I got Phaedra’s marque tattoed on my ack and I have wanted to have this dress for Halloween.

  4. Amber said,

    first off, this is a fantastic blog! keep turning out designs!
    I love this Mara dress–i actually made one myself. i used silk charmeuse and gathered in the back with a rosette. my only problem is figuring out the veil. any suggestions?

  5. LyssaSophia said,

    How do I order one?? I want to be Mara this year for Halloween and have scouring the web for a dress!!

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