Travelling with the Tsingano

November 1, 2008 at 10:55 am (Uncategorized)

After Phedre and Jocelin return from the Skaldi, they find that they have been branded traitors back in Terre d’Ange.  They prove their innocence to the queen, and are sent on a special mission.  To do the mission, they need to travel unnoticed in order to keep their return secret.  The plan that they come up with, once again with the help of Hyacinthe, is to travel with the gypsy-like Tsingano (of which Hyacinthe is a lost and disgraced prince).   So, they come up with some clothing for Phedre to wear.  She gets a saffron cloak lined with maroon, and a fine but used blue velvet gown with triple flounced skirt and maroon underlining.  She wears a necklace of gold coins (the land’s gold coins bear a likeness of the queen later, but probably still the old king at this point) and a scarf on her head.  And finally, as proof of the fact that she is on a Queen’s errand, she has Ysandre’s heavy gold ring (bearing the swan crest) on a long chain.

I must note, I was in Ukrainian dancing for upwards of 13 years.  I took a bit of inspiration from my costumes (especially in the embroidery).  So, here’s the dress.

The fabrics on this one are quite intricate.  They include blue velvet, saffron wool, maroon silk, gold coins, blue cording, embroidery pattern, cream linen, buttons, a gold chain and a swan crested ring.  Amazingly, I found the perfect stuff for it all. Down to the buttons which have horses – the Tsingano are enthusiastic horse traders.


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