Duc de Mohrban Assignation

November 1, 2008 at 11:29 am (Uncategorized)

While on their secret mission, Phedre, Jocelin and Hyacinthe pass through the province of Kusheth and are forced to deal with the Duc there.  They need to negotiate safe passage, while still maintaining their secrecy.  Well, Phedre’s talents are perfectly tailored to the Duc so, she makes a trade.  Her ‘company’ for his temporary silence.  So, for the assignation, she wears a dress described in Kushiel’s Dart as a rich scarlet gown with a low back and a gold mesh caul.

The low back of the dress should be addressed.  Courtesans in the series belong to different houses, which value different attributes.  When a courtesan begins in a house, they also begin a tatoo (marque) on their back.  Though their fee belongs to their house, any gifts they receive on top of their fee helps to complete their tatoo.  When they complete their tatoo, they are free.  It is considered to be in very bad taste to wear clothing which bears an incomplete marque.  When they come back from the Skaldi, Phedre is able to complete her marque.  This then, is the first gown that reveals her completed marque.

I realize that the description doesn’t call for the gold, but I took a little liberty there.  She already has an all-red dress.  I’m pretty sure that I ripped the design for this dress at least in part off of an Arwen costume in the Lord of the Rings.  I would post a picture, but I can’t find one anymore.

So, here are the fabrics, which are considerably simpler than those for the Tsingano dress.  They consist of red and gold velvet and gold mesh.  I have also included some simple earrings and shoes for her to wear.


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